17923_xxx_v1So here’s a little story. I used to think I didn’t like tea. At all. I would try a cup here and there, different kinds, but most times that one cup would be sufficient, and I wouldn’t want another for a long time. Then one day, I got a promotional email (I’m not sure how…but that part’s irrelevant, I’m glad I got it), from a company I was unfamiliar with named Twinings. Their slogan was something like, “You deserve a better cup of tea.” There was an offer to receive from them, one teabag each of three different varieties. They had several varieties to choose from, so you were essentially building your own sample pack.

Now, I love samples, so, I thought, why not, I’ll give it a try. I chose the English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, and Pomegranate & Raspberry varieties. I’ll admit once they arrived, it took me awhile to get around to trying them. But once I did, I can honestly say I enjoyed each of the three varieties…I was surprised how enjoyable they were.

My clear favourite, though all three were good, was the English Breakfast. I’m no tea expert, so I can’t describe the subtle nuances of it, except to say it was a mellow, pleasant, satisfying cup of tea…and to my surprise…I wanted more of it.

I discovered there is a kind of tea I do really enjoy. This black tea blend called English Breakfast. Most of what I’d tried before was of the orange pekoe variety, different brands but the same basic tea, and I didn’t like it. And I have tried some herbal teas (blueberry is nice but I wouldn’t want it often). But this was the first stand out tea that I could actually say I really enjoyed.

And so I bought some. It’s a bit pricey as far as tea goes, but well worth it in my opinion. Each teabag is individually wrapped for freshness. That’s a bonus for me, because though I like it, I still don’t drink tea very often and I appreciate the fresh factor. In my experimentation I discovered milk ruins it. It’s best just like it is, steeped out. I prefer some sugar. I have also discovered it can be bought loose for those who prefer loose tea.

And now we come to the end of my little tea story. I must say Twinings makes a good cup of tea.