3505585-jpg-thumb-420-420-marginNormally I don’t bother with store brand or generic tea and coffee, anymore. My past experiences with them have been less than enjoyable. I found this little gem at a deep discount, however, and figured I’d give it a try.

President’s Choice has presented a pretty decent tea here with Kenyan Black Tea. This was my first experience with large leaf tea and pyramid teabags, and I can already tell they do indeed make a difference. My only issue with the teabags themselves is that the string and tag just aren’t very useful. The string is too short and the tag too light for it to stay out of the cup without some improvisation. That little annoyance aside, however, it’s pretty good.

As for the flavour, steer clear of this one if you prefer sweetness in your tea. Served black it’s quite bitter with a malty taste with a bit of potato flavour (sounds odd, I know). With sugar, it remains bitter but becomes more palatable for someone (like me) preferring a sweeter taste. The flavour is strongest while this tea is hot. As it cools the flavour fades out and dies.

Bottom line: Bitter, but pleasant when sweetened with sugar. Flavour dies as it cools. Not good cold.