tetley-ayurveda-poise-vata-teab34e4adfe6d44fd2a4e4191f60f47371The Poise – Vata variety of Tetley’s new Balance blends was the second I tested out of the three. I think starting with the Vigour was a bad choice, as I must admit it made me hesitant to try the other two. Spicy tea just hasn’t managed to grow on me quite yet.

Poise, however, is a much more palatable blend to me. The orange and cinnamon notes work together so well and made for a very enjoyable cup of tea. There is a hint of licorice, but it wasn’t strong enough to put me off, it actually worked surprisingly well.

Poise – Vata’s ingredients are Cinnamon Bark, Camomile, Fennel, Tulsi, Licorice Root, Orange Peels, and Cardamom.

Once again I’ll say frankly that I don’t endorse the Eastern-Mysticism being used in the Tetley Balance blends marketing. Quite the opposite, actually. However, looking at it as merely an herbal tea, it’s not bad at all, and rather good, actually.