16ct-earl-grey-website__41484-1469214029-1280-1280Next up, another delightful treat in the form of Teatulia’s Earl Grey. Black teas are my favourite, and I love a good Earl Grey. This one was exceptional. Teatulia’s version of Earl Grey has a wonderful aroma and steeps to a beautiful reddish gold.

Where a lot of Earl Grey blends fall short is that they have more of a fragrance of bergamot than a flavour – but that’s not the case here. The flavour is very tangible, but not overwhelming – it’s just right.  I sweetened it with a little sugar.

I enjoy slowly sipping this one, being sure to take my time with it and get the most enjoyment from this excellent cup of tea.

As much as I enjoy it, I’m thinking I like Teatulia’s Black Tea most of all, because of it’s sweet finish. But in the Earl Grey category, this one is top notch.

Like their other teas, I used pyramid bags. Teatulia’s pyramid bags are made of corn silk. These lovely teas are 100% organic, and the packaging and everything is completely compostable. If you prefer bagged tea to loose leaf, these pyramid bags are a good option. More flavour is able to come through, and each bag can be steeped two or even three times depending on how strong you make your tea.

You can find Teatulia’s lovely Earl Grey by visiting their website, here.