teatulia_16ct_white__17099-1434748598-1280-1280I recently got to try some tea from a brand that’s new to me: Teatulia. So far I’m really impressed with the quality and flavour of these teas, so I’ll be sharing my experiences with them.

The first Teatulia tea I tried was the white tea, pictured. I tried the pyramid bag version. Teatulia’s pyramid bags are made out of corn silk, and these bags contain 2 grams of whole leaf tea. These bags can be brewed two or three times, which I really like. This tea is also available in traditional bags and in a loose leaf version. This white tea was very elegant. It was delicately flavoured, with a mellow sweetness and a peachy note. 100_8940

This was my first time trying white tea. I usually lean towards black, because I prefer a bold flavour, but this white tea was pleasant and very enjoyable.

This is more of a ‘high-end’ tea, even though Teatulia’s prices don’t really reflect that fact. Their teas are very affordable. It’s organic, and grown in a single garden. If you want to be sure your tea is of good quality and isn’t coated in pesticides, this is a great choice.

Bottom line: A very good cup of tea, with delicate and delicious flavour.

You can find Teatulia’s white tea on their website, here.